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Little house vs. tiny houses, know the difference

Living simple doesn’t have to be so small

You’ve likely seen the television programs highlighting those tiny mobile trailers that promote simple living in a 300 square foot compact box on wheels. As promising those shows make it sound, lower costs to own ability to live any where, actually living in one year round will likely get cramped and is unrealistic for most people.

A little house on the other hand is a traditionally built home in many cities throughout Southern California. Typically these homes are between 600  and 1000 square feet and on lots large enough for detached garages and outdoor living space. Typically these homes were built in the 1920’s and have a certain vintage charm that you just can’t get from modern styled homes, in Long Beach for example you will find little houses protected by historical significance which adds to the appeal of living simple.

Since the square footage is smaller, buyers interested in keeping maintenance costs and many times purchase price to a minimum will find a little house might just be the perfect option to living simply and still have a place to call home.