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Living in a Little House

Living simpler in a little house

Living in a little house can seem daunting. With limited square footage, how can one person live comfortably, let alone a whole family? While it used to be common that bigger homes were better, more individuals and families are getting on board and even seeking the opportunity to live in smaller homes.  Find out below how you can benefit from and make living in a little house enjoyable.

More family time  – Smaller spaces allow families to spend more quality time together. With less rooms, family members are almost forced to hang out together.  For individuals or couples living in a little house, the benefit of not having multiple rooms to clean ensures more quality time doing the things that make them happy.

Location – Southern California is known not only for the laid back lifestyle but for the fantastic weather year round.  Larger homes, especially near the ocean, come at a hefty price tag. Smaller homes with smaller square footage offer more bang for your buck, giving you the opportunity to enjoy all the great amenities of living near the ocean.

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Simple lifestyle – Daily life outside of the home can be so hectic, from hours spent in traffic to running back and forth between errands, appointments or after school activities.  When living in a little house, you can rest assured that once you come home, you will not be swamped with hours of house chores.  Small living means less cleaning, less clutter, less stuff bogging you down.

Organization is key – Once you are in a small home, you realize the importance of maximizing your space to it’s fullest potential. The best way to do achieve this, is to organize everything. The easiest way to start, is to find out what has to stay, what you cannot survive with and what you cannot let go.  From there, organizing everything into specific spaces not only helps keep your home tidy and neat, but allows you to get rid of stuff that you’ve been holding onto that has little to no meaning or use.

Outdoor living – When thinking of living in a little house, remember that do not have to stay within the walls of the home to live.  Bring the outside in to fully maximize the space and make your home feel bigger.  Even if your home has a small patio, putting a table and chairs outside can act as a second living area, especially on days with perfect weather.  Add an umbrella, pergola or even building an awning over the space so that you can use the space year round.  If the space allows it, consider replacing the existing door for a larger slider or french doors.

Living in a little house does not have to feel cramped.  With the right tools, tips and tricks, you can ensure that your home will be comfortable and cozy. While you may be sacrificing additional bedrooms, bathrooms and overall space, you benefit in being able to live a simple, easy lifestyle in a great location. Small homes mean less time cleaning, less money spent in utilities and upkeep and more time being able to enjoy your life and your family.